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Vibration control with the calibrated shims BALTECH-23458N

The vibration control is a very important restarting stage of any enterprise. Regardless of which form of maintenance you use, this step should always be performed with a high degree of responsibility. There is much speculation that it is cheaper to use the maintenance based on the actual condition, proactive maintenance or return to the old preventive maintenance form.

One of the key steps of the vibration control is inspection and maintenance drives of all types of machines. Usually as the drives one use motors (asynchronous, synchronous, DC machines). More rarely one use diesels and internal-combustion engines.

Very often in order to reduce the machine vibration it is necessary to perform the accurate alignment of the shafts and belt pulleys (or chain drives).

For these purposes Baltech recommend that you use a new unique system BALTECH SA-4200 (three devices in one).

This kit is composed of vibration measurement unit (measured by three parameters D, V, A), a module for laser alignment of pulleys and belt drives and a basic module for laser shaft alignment.

Remember that the vibration adjustment of equipment with the calibrated shimsBALTECH-23458N is a new and high-quality level of the maintenance.

New calibrated stainless steel shims BALTECH-23458N are developed by BALTECH GmbH. Many users use our shims for many years. However we have increased the number of the thickness from 90 pcs. to 120 pcs, we improved our carrying cases, but the prices remain unchanged.

All types of the shims are available on stock so within 1-3 days w can ship them in any region. We save your time and money.

We invite all technicians to our courses TOP-101 "Laser alignment and vibration adjustment of equipment. Use of calibrated shims BALTECH-23458N”, as well as on the courses TOP-103" Fundamentals of vibration analysis and vibration control. "

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